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Tom Hernandez

Simple, accessible and inspiring.......

May 23, 2018

Holly's poetry is beautiful - heartfelt, heartbreaking, personal, universal, joyous, sad. It reflects the full human condition in simple, accessible and inspiring language. I am blessed to call Holly a friend, and even luckier to be a fan.

A Cup of Inspiration to Go please - My Heart Runneth Over


Cindy Spangler

Beautifully written, a gift to the heart.......

March 28, 2017

Holly's writing gave me a sense of inspiration and spiritual awareness! If you are a fan of inspiration and spiritual poems this book should be on your list. Holly weaves words together into works of art. Her poems offer much to think about long after the reading. Beautiful, beautiful poetry and pictures. Poetry is the soul's natural prayer. Looking forward to seeing more writing from this author.

Thomas A. Hernandez

February 7, 2017

Holly's writing is sincere and beautiful. The short nuggets of wisdom, peace and reflection are inspiring. Well done!

Anonymous Illinois

Relaxing poems for meditation

February 4, 2017

Many of the poems inspired me and the pictures were artfully added. I really liked the positive thoughts. Combined they gave me a peaceful meditation.

Sharon M. Houk

a delightful read

May 16, 2017

I really enjoy taking my time with these poems. They come with copious amounts of credibility to accompany the delightful writing.

Jackie Butler

September 21, 2017

Wonderful job, Holly.

Anonymous Customer


  • March 28, 2017


Heart Strings - Forever Wanderer


Thomas A. Hernandez

Like her first poetry collection

June 25, 2017

Like her first poetry collection, "Heart Strings" conveys true human emotion and shared experience in simple, but not simplistic language. Holly writes with an open heart -- and one, in this book, that is obviously feeling a little pain and longing for a lost (or at least, missing) love. That hurt and angst yield poems that are more intimate and touching than her other writing. All in all, an excellent collection!

Sharon M. Houk

Another Coop book to savor

May 16, 2017

Holly: I love how you address such sweeping experiences. Truly you are a keen observer of the human condition.

Another wonderful book to savor.

Locks of Love - A Book of Encouragement